San Antonio Dog Owners: Now you can get *exactly* the training your dog needs – from Gitta Vaugn, an experienced professional who is tuned in to the needs of dogs and their owners.

Has your dog found a creative way to misbehave, such as …

… playing “20 Ways To Test My Owner’s Patience” (and maybe he’s never walked on a leash or lived in a home before)

… chewing up your socks, shoes and sofa

… refusing to come when called (and maybe pulling on the leash every time you go for a walk)

… rebelling against veterinary visits or grooming attention

You are not alone!  Many dog owners feel challenged by the dogs they love. Dogs can be extremely creative about driving their owners crazy (and maybe destroying a living room or two along the way).

The truth is …

Many owners want to help their dogs but just can’t handle group classes. For instance …

… your schedule doesn’t work for group classes

… some dogs are so shy or scared they become obedience school dropouts (but achieve advanced degrees when we work one-on-one with them)

… you recognize the benefit of training your dog in his own environment

… your dog has a problem that’s just not covered in most classes

… your dog loves people and cats but isn’t crazy about other dogs (and lets the whole world know it)

Hi, I’m  Gitta  Vaughn, and in almost every case, I can transform your dog  from being a loveable nuisance to a responsible family member.  I’ve worked with dogs all my life and trained hundreds of dogs –  everything from easygoing companion dogs to highly trained sniffer dogs for law enforcement.

I work exclusively one-to-one with dogs and owners in the San Antonio area. Usually I can come to your home, so you don’t have to travel and your dog stays in a familiar setting.

We work with your schedule. Some dog owners (and dogs) work well with weekly appointments, but we can also schedule a block of time to focus on just one challenge.

We focus on maximizing your dog’s training time. We won’t try to turn your friendly companion into a show dog who can balance a ball on his nose, dance and do cute tricks that are fun to watch but don’t contribute to his welfare or yours. We identify specific behaviors for your dog to master and that’s what we focus on. We work with your experience, expectations, and limitations, combined with your dog’s unique temperament and personality.

For instance:

– Your dog keeps interrupting when you want to get some work done. You don’t want to leave your dog in a crate all day. We train your dog to sit quietly while you work.

– Your walks have become a nightmare of pulling, straining, yelling and angry looks from fellow pedestrians. We focus on teaching your dog to walk politely on a leash.

– You spend a happy hour in the dog park and now your dog won’t come home. We focus on teaching your dog to come when called – a potentially life-saving behavior.
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